I am a outgoing, curious and positive girl who loves acting and filming together with a production team. I have played leading roles in drama series as well as in award winning movies and have also done commercials, musicals and plays since I was a very small kid.

I am full of energy and stamina and always have a positive mindset despite long working hours, late nights or early mornings. Acting in movies and tv-series is my true passion and I love being on set more than anything in the world!

I loved playing the role as Astrid Lindgren’s younger sister in the movie Becoming Astrid (by Nordisk Film) together with Alba August and the movie was shown at Berlinale and I loved visting Berlin and Berlinale and being part of the celebrations.

In a couple of weeks you can see me playing Daidagata (the young one) in the drama series Monstrets Hjärta at SVT.

Last year I played the lead role Agent 1 in the Swedish drama series The Agents where I chase gangsters and interrogate criminals. I loved playing that role since it was lots of action :-)

Besides acting I do horse riding, jujitsu, dancing and singing. I was elected to a musical school where I do singing, dancing and acting three days a week.

I also love going to school and hanging out with my friends. My teachers and principal are very supportive of my acting career so they let me be away on tv-productions whenever I need to.

I used to live in England so I speak fluent English.

Hugs from Alice

Personal data

Age 14
Length 160 cm
Weight 47 kg



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