Born: 1952
Hair: Blonde/grey
Eye colour: Blue
Special Skills: Body Builder

Andreas Cahling born in 1952, is a Swedish/American actor and pro bodybuilder. He competed in bodybuilding during 47 years, between 1969 and 2016. He capped off his bodybuilding career with a victory at the 2016 USA NABBA Championships, in category 60+. In 1980 he won the overall title at the IFBB Pro Mr International contest. He portrayed Thor in the cult classic film Kung Fury.

Personal data

Length 168 cm
Weight 82 kg
Hair color Bald
Clothing size XL
Shoe size 42
Voice Bass
Playing age 50-80 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Muscular, Athletic


Horse riding, California and Swedish drivers licence. Acting: Film

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