Anneli Elisabeth started her makeup 2006 after she took her Graduation by International Makeup Center in Sweden, she is based in Stockholm/Malmö.
She lives in Sweden but work World Wide as Makeupartist / SFX, she started out with Fashion Makeup befor she got into SPFX 2017. She started with going a course in Stockholm at Maria Art Makeup and that leed to taking courses at Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood-Los Angeles.
During the summer 2017 she took a course for hairstylist to complement her Makup works. She is a Swedish Makeup Artist Specialized in SFX Makeup.
After her Graduation from Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles she started to do makeup at movies as Assistant Makeup Artist , she have also been Makeup Designer for theater, Head Makeup for Phootoshoots.
She have a passion for all aspects in the Industy but favors Special Effects Makeup, like blood and create SPFX from the ground.

Lives in Sweden


EnglishVery goodVery goodAmerican

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Makeup By Elisabeth


2006International Makeup Center Makeup artist
2017Maria Art SchoolSPFX
2017Cinema Makeup School Caracter Course
2018Cinema Makeup SchoolProstetic course
2019Cinema Makeup School SPFX
2020Cinema Makeup SchoolAdvanced Lab thecnics
2022Malmö OperaWig and beats making


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2018Shrek the musicalMakeup DesignerPipeline Production
2022AnastasiaMask and wigMalmö Opera
2022Romeo and julietMask and wigMalmö opera
2022Figaros WeddingMask and wigMalmö Opera
2023SnowsisterMask and wig Malmö Opera


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2008Starwars short filmMakeup Artist Nightowl Production Tobias Olsson
2017Freyas Journey Makeup Artist/Assist Hammarström Agency Fia Hammarström
2018Psykos i Stockholm Makeup Artist/Assist Garagefilm
2019Åreakuten Makeup ArtistSF StudiosLena Koppel
2019Räven Raskar över isenHead Makeup Artist
2020Eagles season 3Makeup Artist New Stories Carl Petter
2020The Thruth will come out season 2Makeup Artist extraYellow BirdKristian Petri
2021Charle'neMakeupartist , Makeup DesignerNew DramaNamnet Niklas Singh
2021HatarnaMakeup DesignerHammarstrom AgencyLiza Minou Morberg
2021Lill-Zlatan och morbror raringMakeupartist Snowcloud produktion Christian Loo
2021Ensam på ett planMakeup DesignerStratos Cinema Tom Grejs
2021Nomen NescioMakeup DesignKnothenough produktion Patric Eriksson
2022Volfram VaknarMakeup DesignerSVT Manne Lindvall
2022Monstrets HjärtaMask DesignSvtMagnus
2022VR Trash PilotMaskdesign/Makeupartist HammarströmMarcus Ovnell
2023FrakturerMaskdesign/maskör PelikanfilmMarcus Ovnell
2023Långfilm Maskdesign/maskörJoyance Film AB Dorit Steinbock
2022Ingen ÄngelSpfx Kordinator Viaplay
2023ROJMaskdesign/makeupartist Coyote Produktion Shataw

Video/Music video

2010NightOwl productionMakeup Artist
2021Epedemic SoundOoyy feat Loving CaliberThe LightMakeup Designer


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2019BauhausMakeup ArtistBauhaus  
2020Gina TricotMakeup Artist NightowlvisionTobias Olsson 
2019Model Felicia Makeupartist and hairstylist Sally Andersson  
2019Carina CoachingMakeup Artist Makeupandhairbyelisabeth  
2021FolkhälsomyndighetenMakeupartist Mickedelica Mike Gustafsson 
2021Reportrar utan GränserMakeupartist Nils Hugo ProductionAndreas H Nilsson 
2021IBMMakeupartist Ps Occasion IBM 
2021Scandic CampMakeupartist DrumScandic Hotell  
2022BMWMakeupartist IngagerIngager/BMW 
2022Fiddlershop Florida HMUAFiddlershop Florida Marcus Möller 

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