Carlos Fernando is a swedish actor with South American heritage as born in Colombia.
He has a swedish father and a british mother.
Carlos Fernando is mostly know for his portrait of gangmember Johnny Ahmad in the high rated Johan Falk series. Mr Fernando graduated from the Swedish police academy in 2006, and combines his acting working as a police officer in southern Sweden.

Personal data

Length 184 cm
Weight 95 kg
Hair color Black
Clothing size Xl
Shoe size 44
Voice Bass
Playing age 30-45 år
Eye Color Brown
Physique Medium/Big


Dialect on demand. Law enforcement academy graduate – handle firearms, police consulting and tactics.

Carlos Fernando


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2016Som ni vill ha detWilliamHelsingborgs stadsteaterMartha Vestin


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2021Festen 3FörhörsledarenSVTMaria Karlsson Thörnqvist
2021HussMusikkritikernYellowbirdAnnika Appelin
2019Allt jag inte minnsPolisens utredareKärnfilm & SVTBeata Gårdeler
2019Festen 1FörhörsledarenSVTMaria Karlsson Thörnqvist
2018Operation RagnarökOfficer JohnNjuta FimsFredrik Hiller
2018Den blomstertid nu kommerPolisens insatschefCrazy PicturesVictor Danell
2016Gåsmamman 2SemirC MoreRichard Holm
2015Johan Falk -LockdownJohnny AhmadStrixRichard Holm
2013Wallander - SorgfågelnPoliskolleganYellowbirdLisa Ohlin
2013Wallander - Mordbrännaren"Tommys vaktYellowbirdCharlotte Brändström
2013Wallander – SaknadenPoliskolleganYellowbirdAgneta Fagerström-Olsson
2013Johan Falk - Kodnamn LisaJohnny AhmadStrixCharlotte Brändström
2012Johan Falk - Organizatsija KarayanJohnny AhmadStrixRichard Holm
2012Johan Falk -De 107 patrioternJohnny AhmadStrixAnders Nilsson
2011Elsas VärldDörrvaktenTre VännerManuel Concha


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2011TrissDenneSvenska SpelJesper Kouthoofd 

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