Cecilie grew up on the west coast of Norway in a small town called Haugesund, where she in her early years started acting in theatre. Today she mainly works in film and TV where her last projects include the award winning tv-series "State of Happiness/Lykkeland" and the comedy hit series "Next Summer/Neste Sommer".

Having a passion for action roles, alongside comedy and drama, she practices Taekwondo and Parkour, and also has several years of experience with singing, dancing and competing in Bikini Fitness. She early on found a great interest in languages and accents, and always works on developing these skills for different characters.

Personal data

Age 30
Length 164 cm
Weight 58 kg
Hair color Dark Blonde/Light brown
Clothing size S
Shoe size 37
Voice Alto
Playing age 20-33 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Athletic


NorwegianNativeNativeMost of them
EnglishNativeNativeStandard American, RP British, NY, several different European accents
SwedishGoodBasicSmall Norwegian accent coming through
DanishGoodBasicSmall Norwegian accent
FrenchConversationalBasicNordic accent
GermanBeginnerBeginnerNordic accent


Languages: Norwegian, English (Standard American, NY, RP British). French (intermediate), Swedish (Norwegian accent). Learn accents quickly. Skills: Taekwondo Red Belt, Dancing, Singing (Alto), Soccer (Goalkeeper), IFBB Fitness Competitor (Bodybuilding, Weightlifting), Parkour/Freerunning, SWAT-training, Stage Combat, Skiing, Snowboarding

Cecilie Svendsen


2016-2021Elisabet Sevholt, Chubbuck classesScene studies in the Chubbuck Technique
2015-2020Vera Holte, Chubbuck classesScene studies in the Chubbuck Technique
2017-20183x 4-week intensives with AIPA in LAActing and auditioning intensives
2014NSKIMethod Acting


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2021Untitled Miso Film ProductionJosefine (Supporting) Miso FilmMartin Sofiedal
2021Lykkeland/ State of Happiness (Tv-series)Merete (Regular Guest Star)Maipo /NRKPetter Næss/ Pål Jackman
2020Neste Sommer/ Next Summer (Tv-series)Liesl (Guest Star)Feelgood TV /DiscoveryLiv Karin Dahlstrøm
2018Beforeigners (TV-series)Mariana Werner (Recurring Co-star)Rubicon TV/ HBOJens Lien
2017Kongsvikklinikken (Tv-series) Receptionist (Guest Star)Seefood TV/ TV NorgeAre Valle Skjelvan
2019To Those Who Listen (short)Henriette (Lead)NTNUSigurd Vaagland
2017Backhead Casting (short)Angelina Castellano (Lead)Creative LadsMartin Sofiedal
2016Lisa (short)Lisa (Lead)Danvik FolkehøgskoleLasse Bø Westrum
2016Instapocalypse (short)Claire (Lead)Creative LadsMartin Sofiedal
2017Run Faster (Novel)Heidi (Supporting)ManuelfilmCato Manuel Ekrene
2019Benjamin Falck & The Ghost DaggerKari (Voice)Creative LadsMartin Sofiedal
2015Hotel Cæsar (TV-series)Friend (Co-star)Metronome Spartacus/ TV2Petter Skafle Henriksen
2017Hostages: Don't Take Another StepLeadThe Australian Institute for Performing ArtsKristine May
2017Pick a CardLeadLønne FilmMats Lønne
2016Pinkhoods (Tv-pilot)LeadGo ElectraMartin Sofiedal
2016Anders And Rino's Mystery (Web-series)SupportingGolden Touch FilmAndy Pett
2015Colour GamesSupportingFamewolf ProductionsDaniel Andrè Antonsen
2018Life With DeathMichelle (Supporting)Golden Touch FilmAnders Petterøe
2015Embarrassing S***(Web-series)LeadHiOAMalin Dalberg
2019When it All Falls DownLeadCecilie Svendsen
2018-2020As We Say in Norway (SOME-series)LeadClown Ambition FilmsMartin Sofiedal
2018Freya's JourneyIdun/ SupportingVoice ProfessionalStina Rautelin
2018Upside DownSiri/ LeadVeslemøy Vollan Hjellbakk
2017ChemotionSupportingThe Australian Institute for Performing ArtsKristine May
2017Run FasterSupportingManuel FilmCato Manuel Ekrene
2017Vision BoardersSupportingThe Australian Institute for Performing ArtsKristine May
2015Fractal NoiseLeadGolden Touch FilmAndy Pett
2015SisterhoodLeadMaria Alvarado Salazar
2015RunSupportingManuel FilmCato Manuel Ekrene
2014A Nefarious BusinessSupportingKnut Svanes Lunde
2014AmmaSupportingKen Pham
2013The JournalistSupportingAlexander Svanåsbakken

Video/Music video

2019Spirit in the SkyKeiinoSpirit in the SkyLead
2015On and OnIseOn and OnLead

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