Claudio Marceddu is an experienced Steadicam, Omega Revolution, Camera Operator and a DOP with 20 years experience.
He got started in photography in 1990 when he was just 12,  following the instinct to keep memories of the world as his father had done during their travels and as he had seen in movies and documentaries.
He began to study Cinema at the University of D.A.M.S. in Bologna in 1996 and then at the University in Cagliari, and during those years he improved his knowledge of Cinema History, Art, Semiology, Semiotic of Cinema, Directing, and Direction of Photography.
Whilst there he took part in some short movie productions, some social and natural documentaries and he began to work for Cinema and Television programs as a camera assistant.
In 2002 he moved to Rome to do his Masters in Cinematography at the Accademia Griffith. After spending a couple of years working in the Cinema and TV industry, he trained as a Steadicam operator. In 2006 he got his first steadicam diploma as steadicam operator and in 2009 he shot his first feature movie and a social documentary as Camera operator. In 2016 he got his second steadicam diploma. He has successfully completed the international steadicam workshop with Masters: Larry McConkey, Peter Robertson, Nicola Pecorini, Patrick De Ranter, Jorg Widmer.
In 2019 he attended a workshop at MK-V to work with the new Omega Revolution system and then added the system to his equipment. He is currently the only Omega operator in the whole of Italy.
In the last 15 years he has collaborated with a lot of directors for feature movies, documentaries, short movies, commercials, music videos, television programs and more.
He loves to swim in open waters, especially during the winter!
He is a triathlon athlete and a good chef! 

Age 46
Born in Italy
Lives in Italy



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Claudio Marceddu


1997-2002University of CagliariDegree in Art and Literature
2003-2005Griffith Accademy in RomaMaster in Cinematography and Camera Operating
2007Camera TechSteadicam course
2015Betz-Tools / TiffenSteadicam Master + Omega revolution


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2023One day ( Tv series - Italian Episodes) ) Camera/Steadi OpNetflix / Focus FeatureMolly Manners
2023Terra bassa ( Docu/Fiction)DP / Omega OpGuasco Film Davide Como
2023MaimuluDP / Omega OpIl Circolo della confusioneAndrea Vacca
2022La successione ( Feature )Camera/SteadiProdea Group/Linfa Crawd/ Federica Biondi
2022Under the Amalfi Sun ( Tv series )Camera/SteadiNetflix / LuckyredMartina Pastori
2022Super nova ( Short )Camera/SteadiDiero FilmFabiana Lupo
2022Fillide ( Short )DP/ Omega OpGuasco FilmAnna Consarino
2021Ghost Hotel ( TV Program )DP/ Omega OpSky / Ruvido produzioniAlessandro Nidi
2021Nel nostro cielo un rombo di tuono ( Feature)Camera/SteadiWildsideRiccardo Milani
2021Ai confini del male / Mad Dog ( Feature)Camera / Omega OpSky / IFFVincenzo Alfieri
2021Aria Celeste ( Short )DP/ Omega OpGuasco FilmChiara Cingolani
2020Come niente ( Feature ) DP/ Omega OpGuasco Film / MinervaDavide Como
2020La bambina che non voleva cantare ( Feature )Camera / Omega OpRai / Pico mediaCostanza Quatriglio
2020Buongiorno Mamma ( TV Series )Camera/SteadiMediaset / Lux VideGiulio Manfredonia
2019L'Allieva 3 ( Tv Series )Camera/SteadiRai / Endemol shineFabrizio Costa
2019L'Isola di Pietro ( Tv Series )Camera/SteadiMediaset / Lux VideGiulio Manfredonia
2019L'Aquila 3:32: una generazione dimenticata ( DocuFiction )DP / SteadicamRai Cinema / Standby meDario Acocella
2019Different Century Same Shit ( Short ) Camera/SteadiFilmedeaAlessia Alciati
2018Tra le onde (Feature )Camera/SteadiEuro filmMarco Amenta
2018Ognuno è perfetto ( TV series )Camera/SteadiRai / Viola FilmGiacomo Campiotti
2018Malerba ( Feature )DP / SteadicamGuasco FilmSimone Corallini
2018La Dama della buona morte ( Documentary ) DP / SteadicamZenit Fabrizio Galatea
2018Un' Odissea de rimas nobas ( Documentary )DP / SteadicamPen Roberto Priamo Sechi
2017L'uomo che comprò la luna ( Feature )Camera/SteadiLa luna produzioniPaolo Zucca
2017Diario di tonnara ( documentary )DP / SteadicamIstituto luce / CinecittàGiovanni Zoppeddu
2017Alla ricerca delle radici del male ( Documentary )Camera/SteadiRai / Clipper MediaIsrael Moscati
2016Last Christmas ( Feature )DP / SteadicamGuasco FilmCristiano Phaler
2016Campari: Killer in red ( Short )3rd CameraMaster FilmPaolo Sorrentino
2015Il ministro ( Feature )DP / CameraGolden ProductionGiorgio Amato
2015Per Anna ( Short )DP / SteadicamCocoon ProductionAndrea Zuliani
2015The Story of God with Morgan Freeman ( Documentary Series - Italian episodes ) )Camera/SteadiNational Geographic
2015Road Italy 2015 ( Tv program ) CameraRaiEmmerson Gattafoni
2014A Napoli non piove ,mai ( Feature ) DP / SteadicamQuisquilie produzioniSergio Assisi
2014Viola ( Documentary ) DP / SteadicamRai / GVG NYEnrico Ventrice
2014Driving with monologue ( Short ) DP / SteadicamIl Circolo della confusioneRoberta De Paoli
2013The Stalker ( Feature )DP / CameraRed CarpetGiorgio Amato
2013Un atto di dolore ( Short )DP / SteadicamIl Circolo della confusioneGiovanni Piras
2013 Road Italy 2013CameraRaiEmmerson Gattafoni

Video/Music video

2022Island RecordsLazzaOver3tourSteadi/Omega op
2022RASDenise GueyeBe YourselfDP / Steadi op
2022Sony Baby k BoleroSteadi / Omega op
2021Vevo internationalMahamoodGhetto-LimpoSteadi / Omega op
2021Vevo internationalMahamoodTalataSteadi / Omega op
2021SonyBaby k Ta-PiSteadi / Omega op
2019UniversalLinea 77 -SalmoAk-77Steadi / Omega op
2019BMGJack SavorettiWhat more can I doCamera/Steadi op
2018BMGKylie Minogue-Jack SavorettiMusic is too sad without youCamera/Steadi op
2018VirginRovazziFaccio quello che voglioCamera/Steadi op
2018MacheteSalmo / CoezSparare alla Luna ( Narcos Messico soundtrack )Camera/Steadi op
2018SonyBaby KDa zero a centoCamera/Steadi op
2017SonyThe VaccinesI Can't QuitCamera/Steadi op
2017SonySalmoEstate di MerdaDP / Steadicam
2016UniversalPlaceboJesus's SonCamera/Steadi op
2014 UniversalJulieJohnny GuitarDP / Steadicam


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2023Rayban Steadi / Omega OpRayban Reverse commercialLuxottica 
2023RAI Steadi / Omega OpRAI ( Social ad for Women day )Daniel Marini
2023TOD'SSteadi / Omega OpTod's ( Short fashion movie )Beppe Tuffarulo
2023QCSteadi / Omega OpQC short movieMalaka Studio
2022MMMSteadi opMMM ( Short tourism movie for Turkey )Ferzan Ozpetek 
2022VESPASteadi opVESPA AdFederico Mazzarisi
2022ACQUA PANNASteadi / Omega OpAcqua panna ad ( Ode to the water )Martin Werner
2022LAY'SSteadi / Omega OpLAY'S REPLAY ADMartina Pastori
2022MATCHESSteadi / Omega OpMATCHES ( Short Fashion movie )Stephen Ringer
2022YOXXSteadi / Omega OpYOOX The grand marvelous holiday fairMartina Pastori
2022HOGANSteadi / Omega OpHOGAN Future streamSenio Zapruder
2021RAI Steadi / Omega OpRai New 22 AdDaniel Marini
2021Omino BiancoSteadi / Omega OpOmino Bianco adsAndrea Marini
2019Costa CrociereSteadi / Omega OpCosta Crociere Short movieMaria Guidone
2019BULGARISteadi / Omega OpBULGARI Aa Splendida PatchouliDamien Krisl
2019WOLKSWAGENSteadi / Omega OpT-CROSS AdNicola Prosatore
2018YAHAMASteadi / Omega OpYAMAHA XSR 700 TRIBUT SHORT MOVIECasta diva
2017Banca GeneraliSteadicamBanca generali adUtopia
2016EURO MILLIONS SteadicamEuro millions ad for Ireland national lotteryDamien O'Donnel

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