Propmaker/Stopmotion animator/Special effects and creature designer

Daniel is a never ending wave of creativity. He comes from the world of puppets, Stop motion and miniatures. Where he has crafted beautiful sets, characters and atmosphere, for a wide range of productions. He loves the art of propmaking, maskmaking and creature design. He is well versed in the art of silicone prostetics and gushing blood fx.

With a degree from the Nordic institute of decorative painting, he worked several years with paint restorations of old murals and faux paintings such as wood and marble imitations in churches and castles around Copenhagen. Honing his skills to use as a decor painter for miniatures and life sized sets. After a degree from Alma Screenplay Film & Drama Series he worked with the Oscar nominated Studio Se-Ma-For in Poland as a stopmotion animator for a year. After landing back home he started to lean more and more into his love for propmaking.

His specialties are aging and patination. The skill of making something new look really old. He has an eye for details and love for sculpting. He is a talanted moldmaker and works with a wide range of materials and teqniques such as cold casting, vacuum forming, 3dprinting, silicones, plaster, clay, foam and polyuretanharts. He loves to learn new skills and to try out new materials.

The last four years he has been working full time for a Escape Room Company, where he was responsible for the visual style and atmosphere. Crafting props and sets that not only looked good, but would stand for poking and prodding by curious players and yet survive to tell the tale.


SwedishNativeFluent Skånska

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Daniel Svensson


2010-2011Alma Screenplay Film and DramaScriptwriter
2002-2003Nordic Institute for Decorative PaintingDecorative Painter
2001-2002Nordic Technical InstituteDigital animation and post production
2001Kvarnby fhskCartooning
2000Skurups fhskFilm and tv production


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2021115 (short film)SFX MakeupCreative KidBröderna Gogola
2020Do not Open (short film)PropmakerBrian Babarik
2018-2019Snipp, snapp, snut (tv-series)PropmakerDancing AnimationMia Hulterstam
2017The Last Wish (short film)SFX MakeupJLV ProductionsJarno Lee Vinsencius
2017The Necromancer (short film)SFX MakeupJLV ProductionsJarno Lee Vinsencius
2017Alone in the dark (short film)SFX MakeupJLV ProductionsJarno Lee Vinsencius
2012-15Granny´s Dancing on the table (feature film)Propmaker/AnimatorTangram FilmHanna Sköld
2013The Hole (short film)IllustratorEmil Gustafsson RydbergEmil Gustafsson Rydberg
2012Flapper The Hare (tv-series)AnimatorSe-Ma-ForKrzysztof Brzozowski
2012Louis & Luca and the snow machine (feature film)PropmakerSe-Ma-ForRasmus A Sivertsen
2010Lady Crush (short film)Animator, Propmaker, co ScriptwriterTangram FilmHanna Sköld
2010Joe Odd (short film)SFX MakeupEveryone we knowRobin Alexander Stål
2009Nasty Old People (feature film)AnimatorTangram FilmHanna Sköld

Video/Music video

2015Through The NoiseThrough The NoiseIkarosSFX Makeup/Propmaker
2013Emil Gustafsson RydbergLars BygdenThe HoleIllustrator
2008Kristian Von SvenssonKristian Von SvenssonUltrarapidAnimator/Propmaker


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2021Playstation/Call of Duty - VanguardPropmaker & SetdesignRomantic SynergyFredric Johansson 


YearPositionMissionProd. Company
2017-2021EscaperoomArtistic Director/Propmaker/Set builderThe Alley

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