Danjin Malinovic is an actor from Sweden but born in Bosnia And Herzegovia. An actor with a lot of experience and that can play all kind of roles. He speaks swedish, english, bosnian, serbian, croatian fluently and also manages russian.

Personal data

Age 2
Length 182 cm
Weight 77 kg
Hair color Darkbrown
Clothing size m
Shoe size 43
Playing age 27-45 år
Eye Color green
Physique medium


Driving license B, Film, Theatre, Commercial, Sports, singing

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Danjin Malinovic


2001-2004OlympiaTheatre and acting


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2003-2004The brothers lionheartAndreasHelsingborgs StadsteaterFrancesca Quartey
2005BentDifferent charactersHelsingborgs Stadsteater
2006Mice and menSlimHelsingborgs StadsteaterMichael Cocke
2007Twelfth NightAntonioHelsingborgs StadsteaterMichael Cocke
2012-2014Where is my home?MonologueGävle FolkteaterMichael Cocke
2016Where is my home?MonologueÖrebro teaterMichael Cocke
2016-2017Where is my home?MonologueRiksteaternMichael Cocke
2018The IdiotsManuelHelsingborgs StadsteaterAnja Susa
2020Father, husband and warcriminalLeading rollRiksteaternMichael Cocke


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
The fifth knightGangsterE AND MChristoffer Emgård
I love JohanJacobDansk skalleMartin Jern
The raw chaw GirlsMarreAuto ImagesMalin Myren
Wallander the WitnessZvirsfausYellow birdKathrine Windfeld
Irene Huss, the man with the small faceHeinzIllusion film and YellowbirdEmiliano Goessens
Halfway to heavenJonasAnagram
The bridgeAkimFilmlance international
2022We are Champions MickIllustra Film


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
ProcuratormobsterProcurator Safety 
Differens radio commercialsdifferens rolesWidewox 
Even god drives a mercedesDragan maffia bossZitrin film 


YearPositionMissionProd. Company
2021BulltoftakapningenMiro DragosicSveriges Radio

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