Born: 1987
Hair: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Languages: Swedish, American English, RP English

Personal data

Age 36
Length 179 cm
Weight 77 kg
Hair color Brown
Clothing size M
Shoe size 43
Voice Bass
Playing age 25-40 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Medium


Film acting, Theatre, Voices, Speaker, Video-game-acting, Boxing, Skiing, Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, Drivers license, Forklift licence,

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Eric Krogh CV


2009Emelie NymanMeisner Technique Workshop
2010Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Classical Theatre Workshop
2007-2008Stockholm Institute of Theatre Theatre and Film Acting Diploma
2014Judith WestonWorkshop in Acting


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2015-2016Martin Luther - The Freedom ProphetPhilip MelanchtonSevenYvonne Iversen
2015The CrossJudas/HerodesSevenYvonne Iversen
2015-2016 Caffe LatteDadSeven Yvonne Iversen
2014A Child Is Born JosephSeven Yvonne Iversen
2014Easter PlayThe HostOlaus Petri ChurchN/A
2010MacbethBanquoRSAMD Lucien Macdougall
2008ProofHalStockholm Institute of TheatreMichel Riddez and Martin Alskog
2007Playing With FireKnutStockholm Institute of TheatreMichel Riddez and Martin Alskog


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2019The Outsider (Short Film)Police Officer Evil Tiki Productions Ludvig Gür
2018A Way Out (Video Game)VincentHazelightJosef Fares
2018Black Lake (Tv)AlexJarowskijRichard Jarnhed
2017The Inspector and the Sea (Tv)Nils HolmNetwork Movie HamburgThomas Roth
2016My Sectret (Tv)HectorMexiko Media Sina H. Pour
2015Nirbashito BodyguardVenkatesh Films LtdChurni Ganguly
2013VikinghillMysterious GuySVTTord Danielsson
2012The Hunter StenkeSVTVeronika Lilja
2011Justitia AndreasSVTTord Danielsson
2010Don't Close Your EyesJesperAction Film ABMax Marklund
2009Regarding Tim's DeathRobbanBitter End Film AB David Henriksson
200978Christopher Iris Red CreationPär Larsson


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2019Reign of Reflections (Video game)Cab Driver/ SpeakerLionbiteVictor Leijonhufvud  
2017-2018MobilebetSpeakerVoice Professional N/A 
2017Warhammer Vermintide 2Rat Boss (Voice) Fatshark David Wahlund  
2015Arbetsmiljöverket (Radio commercial)SpeakerSwartling ProductionsJohn Swartling  
2014FaggotsSpeakerScandinavian Studios Sofia Wistam  
2014TrendsettersSpeaker Scandinavian Studios Sofia Wistam  
2014Fan Film: Iron Man(Voice) Tony Stark Bellman and SymphonN/A  
2014EchoBustersSpeakerScandinavian Studios Sofia Wistam  
2014Top TeacherSpeakerScandinavian StudiosSofia Wistam  
2014MythbustersSpeakerScandinavian Studios Sofia Wistam  
2013Svea Fireworks (Tv commercial) SpeakerDoppio ABN/A 
2013Ranch Horse Classic Speaker High ChaparallN/A  
2013Brikk (Infomercial)SpeakerUnderton Music and Sound AB Ola Tappert  
2013IKEA SpeakerFilmfront Norden ABN/A 
2012Star Wars: Threads of Destiny (Fan Film)Voice Stormtroopers Tirzitis Entertainment Rasmus Tirzitis  

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