Ian Henri is a swedish/french actor based in sweden with a backround in music and dancing. He got an early jump into acting at age 10 where he played lead against Rebecka Ferguson in a shortfilm called PULS. Ever since that he's been hooked on acting and can be seen in a variety of commercials, sketches and his latest lead role Axel in feauture film "PewPewPew" written by Sergey Vasiliev. As of right now he’s in malmö, riding out the pandemic and working on his crafts.

Personal data

Age 22
Length 173 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair color dark brown
Clothing size S-M
Shoe size 40.5
Voice barytone
Playing age 17-25 år
Eye Color brown
Physique thin - athletic


englishnativenativeBrittish and American
Swedishnativenativemild skånska


Dancing - ballet, modern, street and a short introduction to jazz and showdance. Music - guitar, bass, piano among other instruments and music production. I've scored music and jingles for a few video games and comercials and ive released a few of my tracks on spotify under my own name and an alias called No Pupils where i focus on experimental music and moviescores. Acting for film but eager to get into theatre. Basic horse riding. Driving licence. Brittish and American accent amongst diffrent Swedish accents.

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