Jazmine is a Swedish - American actress and Voice over artist. She is usually described as professional, calm, focused, creative and open-minded.
Some of her strengths include paying attention to detail, being flexible and patient yet efficient, all with a positive energy and attitude.
With experience of being both behind the scenes (wardrobe, make up and set design) and in front of the camera, Jazmine is multifaceted with depth and with a great understanding of more than just her role in a production.
She's known for her soothing, comforting voice and personality and also for her great sense of humor.
Jazmine can easily access her emotions and be fully present while she delivers the message that the director is aiming for.
She enjoys and performs both drama and comedy with equal passion.

Personal data

Length 163 cm
Weight 57 kg
Hair color Brown
Clothing size S
Shoe size 39
Voice Contralto
Playing age 35-45 år
Eye Color Brown
Physique Medium - Athletic
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden


SwedishNativeFluentSkånska and rikssvenska
EnglishNativeFluent American, Neutral and southern accent
Danish IntermediateBasicNeutral accent

Social media & Links

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2019Refocus method class, with Tony Grahn Actors workshop
2019 The worlds greatest speaker, with Brendon Burchard Public speaking course
2022Masterclass - Anne Hathaway Online Acting class
2021Masterclass - Helen Mirren Online Acting class
2022Masterclass - Samuel L JacksonOnline Acting class
2022Masterclass - Nancy Cartwright Online VO Class
2022 Drama Coach Louise Dahlin Online, real time acting classes


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2020Sagan om Dilan och Moa (season 2, Episode 3)Tantra instructorAnagramSissela Benn
2020Årets sockerbagareMom / Myself SVT
2020Samarbete efter skilsmässa films.Mom / ex wife SES Sebastian Artmann


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2022Holistic Woman. Leading actorDrumNiklas Gunther
2022Tetra PakMom. Leading actor FLXDaniel Hallberg
2022PayPal Anthem Business owner. Leading actorIngmar SthlmJohn Lissert  
2022Samordnings Forbundet Depressed woman. Lead ACME gruppenCasper Jarmo
2022Trepli AppHost. Leading actor Klara Elvira MediaFredrik Falk 
2022HolisticWoman. Leading actor The A story / DRUMPhilippa Magnusson 
2022Kobaj + Buy wine together Woman on date. Leading actorVINIA media Julie Bosh
2022Siteimprove CMO. Leading actor. Stonefire productionsSimon Lagefoged  
2021Frankful - Pass the tacoGuest. Leading actor Lat det regna Johan Von Reybekiel
2021Wallbaby. It's love baby.Ex wife. Leading actorThe Line / Snask Isabelle Kågström 
2021ATEA - Gör skillnad Consultant. Leading actor WonderworkFredrik Andersson
2021SkånetrafikenTraveler. Leading actorDunderville Erik Arheden
2021Assistans bolagetSWAT team member. LeadDeep productions Marco Siraki
2021NIBE höstkampanjMom. Leading actor KAN agency Sebastian Brännström
2021Tradera "Det nya nya"Plant lady. Leading actor Diktator Media Lode Kuylenstierna
2021Lego - Super Mario MomGimmick VFX
2021Sweco - Bli en av ossCo worker The Amazing societyGabriel
2021Ziccum - Thermostable proccessingPresenter and VO. Leading actor. Deep ProductionsSebastian Hedin
2021Telia - Nätet har aldrig varit viktigare. Feat Timbuktu. Woman in online meeting Bästa Kompisar / New Land productions
2021 Nordnet Woman CameralinkFelix Odell  
2021HH förbindelsen Traveler. Lead actorColibri Content Diego Monsevais
2020Verisure Coworker - Leading actor Pegasus Production Emilie Brandt 
2020AJ produkter. Livet på jobbetCoworker AJ Produkter filmteam.
2020Stibo systems - MAster Data management Linda - CMO. Leading actor Playground productions
2020Q10 Supplements - US market Doctor. Leading actor Rasmus Ravn Rasmus Ravn
2020Femina - F wordFriend Spoiled productionsMorten Bundgaard
2020Tetra Pak Tetra Recart Small business owner. Leading actor RedLoop Ola Blomgren
2020UNHR holiday filmMomKAN Agency Sebastian Brännström
2019Hilding sängar - Smart och praktisk i alla lägenMom - Wife. Leading actorGADE 18Gustav Hugo Olsson
2019Mazda stories - In search of happiness Best friend Redwood / FandangoAston Leach
2019Coloplast onboarding videosPresenter / Host SES DKRie  
2021Zesec Padel playing woman. Leading actor Stygn Studios John Horn  
2021SKY TV - Sky CherryMom. NAFTA films Vanessa Lanci
2022Fingerprint cards Doctor. Leading actorRätt Bild Norden Carl Ljungberg  

Voice over

YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2022HaglöfsNarratorOpenshop film Martin
2022Skånetrafiken radio jungle. Sommar kortetNarratorBBDO NordicsAndy Lundgren 
2022H22 Mindfulness meditationStoryteller BBDO NordicsAmanda Fog 
2022Skånetrafiken - Vidare tillsammans Woman on busDunderville Andy Lundgren 
2022SES Mini. cooperation after divorce Narrator SES Denmark Daniel Curovic  
2022 Born to Move - Les Mills 10 different animated characters Dance ITAnna Runstål Zahn 
2022Ecolean Narrator Andy Lundgren  
2021Dun & Bradstreet - The ugly duckling Narrator FLX
2021Dun & Bradstreet - The business whisperer Narrator FLX
2021INGENIUS project Narrator Colibri ContentDiego Monsevais
2021 Born to Move -Les Mills 10 different animated characters Dance IT Anna Runstål Zahn 
2021Samarbete efter skilsmässa series Meditation facilitatorSES Denmark Daniel Curovic  
2021Skånetrafiken Radio jingle. Julkampanj Narrator BBDO NordicsAndy Lundgren 


YearPositionMissionProd. Company
2012 - 2018Interior Stylist / Set decoratorFilm and video
2006 - 2018Wardrobe Stylist / MUA Commercial, film and video

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