At the moment Jonas is creating a film industry in Northern Bohuslän, Sweden with Helen Brunestål - Producer and owner of Ranrikestudios AB. Jonas has become a cult figure among the Swedish genre cinema lovers and has been active since the early 2000’s. He directs and is also one of the producers of the movie. Jonas has produced several movies worked on both Swedish and Ugandan productions. He’s a very visual director with a good sense of chosing music for movie soundtrack. Known for Die Zombiejäger, Dragonetti the Ruthless Contract Killer, Zombienoid, Hermit: Monster Killer, Precision, Root of Darkness, Cannibal Fog and numerous music videos. Jonas Wolcher has worked with special effects since 1998, for movies, music videos and lectures "impressive horror makeup easy and effective".

Age 51
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden


Englishvery goodvery goodBritish

Jonas Wolcher - Swedish Genre Film Maker


1992-1993Skurups FolkhögskolaIrlandslinjen (Radio och media)
1993-1994Stöllet FolkhögskolaPresslinjen
1997Göteborgs UniversitetFilmvetarutbildningen


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2002Zombienoid (short)DirectorDino Publisihing JW, Dokken FilmJonas Wolcher
2005Die ZombiejägerDirectorDino Publishing JWJonas Wolcher
2010Sektor 236Producer, EditorDino Publishing JWBjörn Hellquist
2010Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract KillerDirector, ProducerDino Publishing JWJonas Wolcher
2010Dragonetti The Ruthless Contract KillerPuking ManDino Publishing JWJonas Wolcher
2014Cannibal FogDirector, Editor, ProducerDino Publishing JWJonas Wolcher
2016Root of DarknessProducer, GradingYellow Pig Productions, Dino Publishing JWGustav Ljungdahl
2016Hermit: Monster KillerProducerSilverfish, Dino Publishing JW, Sjöman ProductionsOla Paulakoski
2018Precision - The Child Drug TraffickingProducerSsedshaFilms Uganda Action Cinema, Dino Publishing JWEarnest Kaddu Sserunya
2018Precision - The Child Drug TraffickingPriusSsedshaFilms Uganda Action Cinema, Dino Publishing JWEarnest Kaddu Sserunya
2019My X-GirlfriendCo ProducerLap Film, Dino Publishing JW Andrew Wagaba

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