Jonathan Thomas Tufvesson Larsson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the winter of 1988. He holds dual citizenship in both Sweden and Norway. His most recent prominent international role was in the mystery/thriller feature film "They Talk." Jonathan embarked on his professional journey in his early teens, gracing both the stage and the camera with his presence.

Over the course of eight years, he attended three distinct drama schools in Sweden while actively participating in various projects. With a career spanning over two decades, he has made his mark in a multitude of domains within the entertainment industry, including theater, motion pictures, television, musicals, motion capture, and voice-overs. You might also recognize him as the face of major global and Scandinavian brands.

Drawing from a rich background in elite gymnastics and dance, this artist possesses a diverse skill set. His talents extend to classical music, rock, and pop singing. A rising talent and a master of numerous shades, Jonathan stands as a powerful figure among the emerging generation of actors and skilled artisans.

Creative Producer
Jonathan has worked with many aspects of production, his progress as a creative producer has not gone unnoticed.  "Övergivenheten" and "Cloud Mountain" are late examples of productions where he's been integrated from the very start not only as leading actor, but togheter with a production team (offen a DoP and/or Director). He's directed, written scripts, developed; characters costume design, colour themes, cinematic language, cuceptual ideas, mood/vision boards, make-up and more. He's extremly passionate about creating high quality content that manages to captivate the audiences world wide leaving them wanting for more.

Personal data

Age 35
Length 184 cm
Weight 84 kg
Hair color Dark Blonde
Clothing size M-L
Shoe size 43
Voice Tenor and Baryton
Playing age 27-37 år
Eye Color Green
Physique Athletic
Born in Sweden


SwedishNativeNativeRikssvenska, Göteborgska, Stockholmska,
American EnglishFluentAdvancedGeneral American, Eastcoast, Southern and more
NorwegianAdvancedOkSvorsk and Østlandsdialekt in progress
British English FluentAdvancedRP


Ten years of gymnastics and acrobatics
Daily training: Calisthenics, Yoga and Meditation
A great singer of Classical Music, Musical, Disney, Rock, Pop, Opera.
Eight years dance training: Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary
Skiing Level 8
Worked in: Sales B2B and B2C, Drama teacher, Pedagogue, Waiting tables
Basic horse riding
Drivers license: Car, Cross and Snowmobile
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
2 yrs Wrestling
Plays piano and accompany guitar
Fencing- and sword handling
Martial arts stage fighting
Rock climbing
Performing arts of musical theater
A quick learner

Mixed of film, stage and other work


2011-2014The Swedish Academic School of Music And DramaBachelor Acting and Singing - Gothenburg University
2009-2011Wendelsberg Theatre SchoolCertified Drama Pedagogue, Acting and Singing - Folk High School
2004-2007Mimers Hus GymnasiumAesthetic Orientation acting and Singing - Upper Secondary School


ProductionCharacter/RoleProd. Company
Jesus Christ Superstar Judas Iscariot | Lead roleThe Swedish Church
Disney Concert Various solo songsThe Swedish Academic School of Music & Drama


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2024-Elden (Biggest Outdoor Theatre Production In Norway)Niklas | Lead roleStiftlesen EldenMaren E. Bjørseth
2023The One (Den rette) by Vicky JonesRune | Lead roleGerilja Teatret | NorwayJulie Ibenfeldt Lindvik
2023Anna i ødemarka Lang Karl | AntagonistKopparleden Teaterlag | NorwayIda Høy
2017-2018Godspell | The Sweden TourJesus Christ | Lead roleMalmö opera | SwedenRoine Söderlundh
2016-2017HAIR | The Rock MusicalSteve and Woof | Supporting & US:LeadGothenburg opera | SwedenRikard Bergqvist
2014Tordenskiold Lucas Lewenhaupt | AntagonistFredrikstad Kultur AS | NorwayRobin A. Eriksen
2014Into The Woods Cinderella's Prince | Lead roleGrand Theatre Gothenburg & HSMMira Bartov
2012-2013Miss Saigon GI soldier | EnsembleMalmö operaRonny Danielsson
2013Company | The MusicalPaul and Steve | Leading rolsThe Swedish Academic School of Music & DramaVictoria Brattström
2012Fiddler on the roofRezvan and Daniel | Supporting rolesThe Swedish Academic School of Music & DramaPer Eltvik
2011The Theatre Group | Live ImprovRomeo and D'Artagnan | Lead roleLiseberg Amusement parkSofia Sjölin
2011The Full MontyJerry Lukowski | Lead roleThe Wendelsberg theaterRebecka Wellén
2010The Hero and the Superlavabomb | At Center StageMr. Awsome | Lead roleLiseberg Amusement parkAnders Östberg
2010A Kind of Love ExplanationOfelia in Hamlet and More | Leading roleThe Wendelsberg theaterMatilda Klamas


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2022-24Cloud Mountain [POF under Development] Fantasy/MysteryR. W. Lead role, ProtagonistVJUS andAndyax Anders Øvergaard
2022Hundarna [Pilot] Pontus | SupportingChill MandrillErik Lundin
2021They Talk [Feature Film | Thriller/Mystery/Horror] Alex Browlin | Lead role, ProtagonistPrime VIdeo, Bartleby Film, PFA Films, Run filmGiorgio Bruno
2020Eihwaz [Award winning Featurette] Horror/Mystery Stefan Fhyr | Lead role, ProtagonistFilm i HallandAxel Rydén
2020Mindfucked [Series Pilot]Tomas | Lead role, AntagonistVoice Professional StockholmLena Koppel
2020Hvite Gutter S5 E4 [Norwegian Series] Simon | Supporting roleFeelgood Scene Film og TVJulian Hagemann
2020Distance [Short]Dorath | Supporting roleVJUSAnders Øvergaard
2019Turister [Radiodrama series]Claes Lindén | Supporting roleRubicon and NRKKenneth Karlstad
2019Semester [Series] Ravn | Supporting roleCurry FilmUlrik Imtiaz Rolfsen
2018Systerkoden [Series]Erik | Lead role, AntagonistRaufilm ProductionsKave Raufi
2017Stories From Norway [Series]Northug´s best friend | SupportingConcorde TVOle-Martin Hafsmo
2015Ca Voksen [Comedy Webseries]Uffe | Lead roleAnti TvMarie Kristiansen
2015Hingsten [Short]Peter | SupportingGrand Slam FilmproduktionNinja Thyberg
2010Maskrosbarn [Featurette]Fredrik | Lead role, ProtagonistEveryone We KnowAnna Sanderi
2006Nattbad [Short]Jonathan | Lead rolePlattform ProductionRuben Östlund

Video/Music video

2022Music VideoSoilworkÖvergivenheten | AbandonmentThe Wanderer | Lead role


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2024ServicefinderThe Man | Fronting faceCakao filmSigve Aspelund 
2023DKS (Den Kulturelle Skolesekken)The Lead | Fronting faceVJUSAnders Øvergaard 
2020VYThe Swede | Fronting faceEinar Film og FortellingerNicolai Cleve Broch
2020Soundly The Man | Fronting faceDraum FilmMarius Rolfsvåg
2018Telia Norway: Apple and Samsungs Headphones The Man | Fronting faceEinar Film og FortellingerMarie Kristiansen
2016Huawei Mate 9 Pro The Man | Fronting faceJiminy Cretive and Screen StoryMarie Kristiansen

Voice over

YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2019Askeladden - I Soria Moria Slott The Swedish princeMaipo Film Mikkel Brænne Sandemose Speaker voiceVoice Professional StockholmSteinar Borg 
2018Unibet Several CharactersFilmbling ASChristian Schaaning 


YearPositionMissionProd. Company
2019Conan The Barbarian [The Game, Motioncapture]Conan | Lead roleFuncom | Dir: Petter Lee

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