Lena is a Swedish/Canadien/Estonien director who has worked many years in TV, Film and Theatre.
Her first productions where with Ingmar Bergman and Roy Andersson.
Her features Bombay Dreams, Hur många Lingon finns det i världen and Rallybrudar did extremly well and have collected awards around the world. She worked at SVT for over ten years directing and writing children and youth programs.

Age 57

Lena Koppel


1999-2001Focal.Film and TV directing.
1996Dramatiska institutetScriptwriting.


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
1991Jorden undergångDirectorStockholms StadsteaterLena Koppel
2013LadykillersDirectorRiksteatern Lena Koppel


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
1990Den flygande norrlänningenDirectorKoppel FilmLena Koppel
1990-2000SVT B&U (60 shorts)Director/writerSVTLena Koppel
2001Love Boogie (60min)Director/writerSkogfeldt film/SVTLena Koppel
1997Sanna Ögonblick (feature)Director/writerOmega/SandrewsLena Koppel
2002Jullovstjuven Tv serieDirector/writerSVTLena Koppel
2003Höök TV serieDirectorSVT Bob filmLena Koppel
2008Rallybrudar (feature)Director/writerGF studios/SFLena Koppel
2005Saltön 3Director/writerGötafilm/SVTLena Koppel
2006Mon3 (featureDorisfilm)DirectorCinenicLena Koppel
2004Bombay Dreams (Feature)Director/WriterFladen film/SFLena Koppel
2009-2010Hur många LIngon finns det i världen( feature)Director/writerSonet/SF Lena Koppel
2011-2012Hur många kramar finns det i världenDirector/writerSonet/SFLena Koppel
2010Sam tar över (TV serie )DirectorSVTLena Koppel
2014-2015Saltön 4Director/writerAnagram/SVTLena Koppel
2016-2017Krocken (TV feature)Director/writerGrace film/C moreLena Koppel
2018Sommaren med släkten (Tv serie)DirectorArt and BobLena Koppel
2019-2020Åreakuten (TV serie)Director/writerSF studiosLena Koppel
2020Sommaren med släkten ( TV serie)DirectorArt and BobLena Koppel

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