Ludvig Karmalm

Ludvig Karmalm is a Swedish actor that currently lives in Stockholm, who has through the years worked in front of the camera and on stage. He studied acting for five years at Calle Flygare and is currently studying theatre at Viktor Rydberg Jarlaplan.

Ludvig started his career at an early age where he got some small roles in different TV-shows, commercials and sketches. But he soon progressed to get bigger roles in short and feature films. Besides from his work in front of the camera, he won a silver medal for his performance in Acting for TV at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Long Beach, where he also recieved a scholarship from New York Film Academy.

His love for acting grows with every project and his passionate approach keeps him motivated for any challenges as an artist. "My entire focus is to improve as an actor". Other than his never ending love for acting, Ludvig practiced karate for several years where he reseved a brown belt. Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA has also been a huge interest for many years.


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