Marcus is a multi awarded cinematographer and drone operator. His nature and feature films films has been shown on festivals around the globe.

He is specilazied in drone cinematography and most of the jobs are drama and commercials.
The passion for nature has always been there. that reflects in a lot of his work, which have a hightened version of reality but at the same time looks naturistic. He's not afraid of playing with colors and light.

He is a easy going and calm guy, even in stressful situations. He began working as a gaffer. The understanding of how to light and the practical experience in lighting a scene is really important skills to know as cinematographer. Through out the years he has learned to master the light as well as the camera.

If youre intreseted what he can offer you, contact Fia Hammarström for more info.

Personal data

Age 32
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden
Work Visa for the United States



Social media & Links

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YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2022Lust (Tv Series)Aerial DP / Cam op
2021Det som göms i snö Säsong 2DroneYellowbird
2020Svenska HjältarDPBrand New Content
2020Hatarna (feature pitch)DP /droneVoice Media
2020Mindfucked (pilot)DPVoice MediaLena Koppel
2020Spökjakt med Jocke och JonnaTV photographer /droneITV
2019Fear Of the woods (short)DPVoice Professional MediaTitus Paar
2019Apple, Home TV SeriesDroneSwixer Films
2018The huntress Rune of the Dead (Feature)DPITNRasmus Tirzitis
2018Mareld (Feature)DPNordisk FilmOve Valeskog
2018Hamilton (TV series)DroneDramacorp
2017BBC Wonders of the Moon (TV Feature))Aerial DP/ DroneBBCJames Van Der Pool
2017The Agreement (Short)DPLight in a roomRobin Ståhl
2015Danny Lou (Feature)DPKorkek

Video/Music video

2021The LightLoving Caliber, Ooyy
2016Fire in the rainMåns Zelmerlöw
2016Glorious Måns Zelmerlöw
2018Turn up the fireNova Miller
2015Mama LiedJack's Residence


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2022BMWAerial DPIngagerJohannes 
2022Katla AeroDP/ Drone cam opVoice Professional 
2022Swedish House Mafia, Sting - RedlightGimbal Operator / Drone Cam OpPine
2021Land Rover (Above and beyond))Aerial DP / Cam OperatorH films/ Outsider TV /Spark 44Scott Lyon
2020GreencoatDP /drone/ edit/gradeFar From StandardÅsa Ragnarsson 
2020WTR Frihamnen DP / gradeMakeriet AB 
2020DotshotDPVoice Media 
2018Svea EkonomiDPStiller studiosMatilda Callenbo 
2018ICA 360DPMakeriet AB 
2018Max HamburgareDPMakeriet AB 
2019KrimtechDP /gradeAVCP 
2018Srockholm Design WeekDP /editorM-Film 
2018SonyDP / gradeMakeriet AB 
2018GöteborgskexDPMakeriet AB 
2018Malibu (Pernord Richard)DP / gradeMakeriet AB 
2018AxbergDPMakeriet AB 
2018Svenska SpelDPMakeriet AB 
20181664/ KronenbergDPMakeriet AB 
2018LidlDPMakeriet AB 
2018NorrlandspolisenTV photographerAlaska Film 
2019MalibuDP /gradeMakeriet AB 
2019Max HamburgareAerial DPMakeriet AB 
2018Absolut Company (event film)DPMakeriet AB 
2020H&M Aerial DPWorkfight cultureDP: Mattias Rudh 
2020Euro JackpotAerial DPThe Producers 
2020Rally DP/ DroneMöller filmproduktion 
2020WTR VärtahamnenDPMakeriet AB 
2020ToyotaDPMakeriet AB 
2019Telge BostäderDP / DRONEDreammill 
2019RED BULLDP / droneMakeriet AB 
2019MTR ExpressDP / droneMakeriet AB 
2019TangaroaDP / droneMakeriet AB 
2019Swimrun AddnatureDP / drone Jonathan FosterJonathan Foster 
2019Tv seriesAerial DP/ Drone Nice Drama 
2019MalibuDP /gradeMakeriet AB 
2019Atlas CopcoAerial DPThe Chimney Pot 
2019MicrosoftDPMakeriet AB 
2019Nordiska MuseetDP / droneThe Chimney PotMichel 
2019Husqvarna AutomoverDP / droneDDB HOUSEMatilda Callenbo 
2019DTS, Xperi (demo film)DPDTS, Xperi 
2018CivilekonomernaDP /gradeMakeriet ABRobin  
2018KlarnaDPMartin KrajewskiMartin Krajewski 
2018Absolut Company, KahluaDPMakeriet AB 
2018HandelskammarenDPMakeriet AB 
2018Abolute company, Malibu DP / GradeMakeriet AB 
2018ZäkraDPFenix Film 
2017KulturförvaltningenDPAli Quraishi FILMAli Quraishi 
2017Electrolux AirconDPHouse of radon 
2017Anwhere AppDP / editorPillowTomas Pernek 
2017Life ProofAerial DP
2017Canary IslandsDPM-FILMMarcus Möller 
2016Nikon DPNice one ABJohan Storm 

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