Marcus directed his first feature film ”The Break-in” in 2014. The film won numerus awards all over the world and had its commercial theatrical premier in February 2016. After the film premiered Marcus landed commercial gigs for major companies like IKEA, Saint Gobain, NA-KD and many more. ”The Break-in” success at festivals led to securing the financing for Marcus follow up feature ”Faunutland and the Lost Magic”.
During the financing process of ”Faunutland and the Lost Magic” Marcus directed the viral success ”Swedens best Swede” that premiered worldwide on Youtube the 2nd of February 2020.  ”Faunutland and the Lost Magic” was renamed for its release and is now titled ”Emily and the Magical Journey” the film was sold to 130 countries including, US, Canada, Germany and Russia. At the moment Marcus is in the later stages of postproduction of the feature film ”Scapegoat” and has just finished principal photography of his latest film ”Frakturer”, both films are slated to premier in cinemas in 2024. 

Age 41
United States
Born in United States
Lives in Sweden


EnglishNativeNativeStandard American
SvenskaNativeNativeRiks Svenska

Marcus Ovnell


2017Creative EuropeVR directing
2009Gothenburg Film SchoolScript writing
2006-2007Stockholm Theater SchoolActing/directing
2005New York Film AcademyDirecting


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2023FrakturerDirectorPhelecan FilmsMarcus Ovnell
2022ScapegoatDirectorPhelecan FilmsMarcus Ovnell
2020Emily and the Magical JourneyDirectorPhelecan FilmsMarcus Ovnell
2016The Break-InDirectorOvnellfilmMarcus Ovnell

Video/Music video

2022AFOSPidde PBadaboomDirector


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2022SkånetrafikenDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2022SkånetrafikenDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2022Woody Förtrollande enkeltDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2022Woody Förtrollande enkeltDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2022Woody Förtrollande enkeltDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2019Sveriges Bästa Svensk - del 2DirectorPopulateMarcus Ovnell
2018NA-KDDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2018EcophonDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2017SystembolagetDirectorPopulateMarcus Ovnell
2017Ninja CasinoDirectorOvnellfilmMarcus Ovnell
2017TUI - För de passioneradeDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
20171177- MagontDirectorPopulateMarcus Ovnell
20171177-HuvudvärkDirectorPopulateMarcus Ovnell
2017TUI - För DagdrömarnaDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2017TUI - För bästa vännernaDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell
2017TUI - För de oskiljaktigaDirectorAFOSMarcus Ovnell

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