With 30 years in the business, Niclas, who sometimes works under his artistic banner - SHREY, is an award winning director and FSF cinematographer with an OCI-card. He is one of Scandinavia's first certified Steadicam operators. He thrives in warmer climates, on longer projects and has 5+ international feature films on his resumé as a DP.

Age 60


Nic is a creative visualiser, a good listener and communicator. He has a PADI issued Open Water diving-license.

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Niclas Ribbarp CV


class of 1985Vaestergaard HighschoolElectro Engineering


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2022I ditt hjärta (short)DoPIsland FilmsSarah Runa
2022LIFE (short)Director/DoPCNRG FLM
2021Fungi (feature)DoPTribespider FilmBEJV
2021CLARK (series)ElectricianNetflixJonas Åkerlund
2021Do we dare (short)DoPGZIJannike Grut
2021Bullets (series)Best Boy ElectricThin Skin FilmsPeter Pontikis
2020Two Sisters (series)Best Boy ElectricYellow BirdJulia Lindström
2020Reincarnation (short)DirectorCNRG FLM
2020Skip Her (short)DoPMackey FilmSara Mackey
2019Breaking the Chains (series)GafferAl JazeeraZaina Salameh
2019Rickshaw Girl (feature)DoPSleeper Wave FilmsAmitabh Reza Chowdury
2019Vadå 112 (short)Director/DoPCNRG FLM
2018Dansa Först (feature)GafferGolden Road PicturesRikard Svensson
2018Khape (feature)DoPFlaming Pie PicturesSuchita Bhhatia
2018Stroke of Midnight (short)DirectorKatharsis
2018 This is Mahalakshmi (feature)Additonal DoP/B-cam Op & 2nd UnitMedientePrashant Varma
2017The Foot File (short PSA)Director/DoPCNRG FLM
2007AR RAHMAN - 3rd Dimension Tour (Docu)Director/DoPRapport Global Enertainment, Mumbai - Indian
2006AR RAHMAN - Wake Up Tour (Docu)Prod/Dir/DoPKris & Vicky Joshi Foundation
2005M.E.P.O (Docu)Prod/DoP/Co-Dir/EditorDR/Danish TV
2005Säg Att Du Älskar Mig "Say That You Love Me" (feature)DoPNoble ProductionsDaniel Fridell
1997ARTITUDE (series)DoPNaga Films - STV12, Singapore Client


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2019VIM Liquid Challenge DoP HSDAmitabh Reza Chowdury
2016SJ LuciatågDirectorMediemerah AB  
2016EA Star Wars - A Look Ahead, Official E3 Trailor Line ProducerDark Burn CreativeNeel Upadhyes
2014Panasonic P31/P81DoP3:16 Films Sendil Kumar
2012Samsung Smart TV DoPNoIfNoBut FilmsRaghu Iyer 

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