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YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2016微微一笑很倾城(Love O2O)3D ScanWubuweiTianyu Zhao
2016三生三世十里桃花(Once Upon a Time)Bullet time VFXWubuweiXiaoding Zhao
2016九州天空城(Sky City)3D ScanWubuweiLei Yang
2016识汝不识丁Bullet time VFXWubuweiPeng Chen
2016鲛珠传(Legend Of The Naga Pearls)3D ScanWubuweiLei Yang
2016游戏规则(The Game Changer)3D ScanWubuweiXixi Gao
2016传承者(Inheritor)Bullet time VFXWubuweiSong Leng
2017Shandong TV Acrobatics ShowBullet time VFXWubuwei
2017西游记女儿国(The Monkey King 3)Bullet time VFXWubuweiBaorui Zheng
2017Inner Mongolia TV SpecialBullet time VFXWubuwei
2017扶摇(Legend Of Fu Yao)Bullet time VFXWubuweiWenjun Yang
2017快乐大本营(Happy Camp)3D ScanWubuwei
2018中央电视台春节联欢晚会(CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening)Bullet time VFXWubuweiDongsheng Yang
2018Road To The RunwayBullet time VFXWubuwei

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