Born: 1975
Hair: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Languages: Swedish, English, French, German
Skills: Former Professional Sailor, Excellent skier, Tennis, Licensed Doctor in Medicine

Personal data

Age 45
Length 171 cm
Weight 54 kg
Hair color Blonde
Clothing size s
Shoe size 38
Voice alto
Playing age 35-50 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Thin


Swedish Mother tongue perfect -
EnglishPerfect, fluentperfect international
FrenchGood good Scandinavian


Former Professional Sailor, Excellent skier, Tennis, Licensed Doctor in Medicine, Fit Runner, very sporty.

Sara Resume 2020


2014Studio Meisner in StockholmActing in Film
2012-2013Drama School in Boulevardteatern, Stockholm
2003Medical License
1995-2001Gothenburg UniversityMedical Degree
2019Workshop - Acting Sword Fight Training w. Robert Bengtsson
2019Workshop - Film Martial Art w. Aleksejev Konstantin
2018Aspo Writing Lab in LondonWorkshop - Acting Masterclass
2018Dir. Zanyar AdamiWorkshop - Actors Lab. Acting
2017Casting Director - Nancy Bishop (London) Workshop - Film Masterclass
2017Pinewood Studios, UKFilm Workshop - Tim Kent at Actors Studio
2017Pinewood Studios, UK Film Workshop - Mel Churcher Actors Studio
2017Method Acting - CinemantrixFilm Workshops - Bob Dolman and Lukas Loughran
2015-2017Robert BengtssonStagefighting workshops
2017Casting Dir. Pär BrundinFilm Casting Workshop
2015-2016The Film Attic w. Dir. Richard Jarnhed Film Workshops


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2017-2018A Star Named AjaxJohan - LeadTeater BaraUlf Evrén
2015-2017The Hundred We Are (Lead)Teater BaraUlf Evrén
2014Here I stand Before you Naked(Lead)Boulevardteatern/ Teater BaraUlf Evrén
2013In a Dark Northern PlaceOne of the Leading rolesBoulevadteaternSofia Ronnegard


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2021Short film "Ghosting" Saga - part of ensembleB Smart ABJoel Stockman
2020TV series "Sjukt Oklar"The ID Contact (actor in episode)SVT/SPLAY One Andreas Lindergård
2020 Short Film "Stay Back"Anne (member of ensemble)Grassman Film
2019 Feature film "Call of the Unseen"Philippa (member of ensemble)Henrik Pilerud
2019TV Series "First Responders/Åreakuten"Girlfriend Lussan (actor in episode)SF Studios Lena Koppel
2019Feature Film "April Skies"Liv, lead member of EnsembleY-USPascal Payant
2019Short Film "Parenting" The Mother - Lead Alexa Magnusson
2019 Short Film "Det var det livet"Malin - supporting (one of two characters)Sprouting PicturesArantxa Hurtado
2019Short Film "Color Blind/Färgblind"The receptionist (supporting)Zanyar Adami
2019Short Film "Yield"The Woman - Lead Joel Stockman
2019 Short film "Vaddå 112"The Woman - LeadCNRG FilmShrey
2018Pilot Feature Film "The Elf Queen"The Elf Queen (Lead)Arantxa Hurtado
2018Short Film "Stroke of Midnight"Elisabeth (Lead) Niclas Ribbarp
2018Short Film "Glatt Fall"Carol (Lead member of Ensemble)Tobias Elvhage
2018Short Film "Svarta Björn"Mia (Lead member of Ensemble) Järnvägsmuséet GävleMarko Kattilokaski
2017 Short Film "Dimman"The Mother (Lead) GTVDavid Eriksson
2017 Short Film "Chefen"Gangster Boss Lena (Lead)MedieinstitutetMattias Wixell
2017Short Film "Dubbeldejten"Annika (Supporting)KulturamaKevin Söderlund
2017Short Film "Utan Tvivel"Johanna (Supporting)Youssef Ibarbachane
2017 Short Film "En Tallrik full av Kaka"Anna. One of the Leading rolesKevin Söderlund
2016Short Film "Pendeln"LeadJoel Stockman
2016Short Film "Fantomen"SupportingAlexander Granskog
2016Short Film "Males"SupportingSandra Isacsson, Stina Persson Helleday
2016Short Film "vägen till repet"SupportingNicolai Söderqvist
2016Short Film "The Contemplator"SupportingChristoffer Deeks
2015TV 5 "Partaj" Co-StarBaluba Production Company
2015Short Film "Lita På Mig"One of the Leading rolesEmelie Nyman
2015 TV-Pilot "Zombie 1.0"One of the Leading RolesPhilip Bernard
2014Music ProductionSupportingSZ Produktion/Honesty
2013Short Film "Hanna"Hanna - LeadJoel Stockman


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2019Alla kan göra skillnad/Everyone can make a differenceYari Foundation/ Sprouting Pictures 
2016Period DramaKippel ProductionRichard Jarnhed 

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