With a degree from Calle Flygare theater school, her career took off through participation in both film productions and series on Netflix, Viaplay and Cmore as well as supporting and leading roles in several commercials.

1.5 years ago she moved to Los Angeles for further studying at New York Film Academy, 1-year acting for film. There, she appeared in around 20 short films and is now in the running for a Feature movie, which unfortunately is on hold due the ongoing strike in Hollywood. Stina is therefore temporarily back in Sweden to continue with her great passion where the film industry is still going strong. In the future, she plans to continue working both in Sweden and around the world.

Personal data

Hair color Dark brown
Clothing size S
Shoe size 24.5
Playing age 25-35 år
Eye Color Green/Blue
Physique Medium
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden


Swedish Native Advanced Gavle/north
EnglishFluentGood American

Social media & Links

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Stina Schedin


2022New York Film Academy 1-year acting for film
2018-2020Calle-Flygare acting school 2-year theatre
2019Cinemantrix Acting for film
2011-2012Komvux schoolAssociate nurse
2007-2010Hotel & restaurant management Waitress/manager


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2022Angels in America HarperNew York film Academy Michael Bershad
2020The Party Pia / Bent Calle Flygare acting school Figge Norling


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2021Honor Screaming run over woman Bigster Joakim Eliasson
2021Anxious peopleSarahs bank assistant FLXFelix Herngren
2020Two sistersFriend at the bachelorette Yellowbird Julia Lindstrom
2020Love & Anarchy Waitress FLX Lisa Langseth
2020HarmonicaGuest & waitress Warner BrosJosephine Bornebusch
2020 Anti-UtopiaBleeding crying woman Short Mikael Rot
2020Future memories Astrid Short Roland Ohlsson
2020 Snow angelsFriend at party YellowbirdAnna Zacrisson
2019The wolf attack at Kolmården Sofie Nordisk film
2019Maria Wern Police Warner Bros Lisa Ohlin & Johan Lundin
2019The murder on SandhamnPolice FilmlanceMattias Ohlsson & Niklas Ohlsson
2019Summer with family Jogging neighborArt & Bob Lena Koppel & Sissela Benn
2019 Top Dog Lawyer FilmlanceAlexis Almstrom &
2018 Quicksand Police FLXPer-Olav Sorensen & Lisa Farzaneh
2018Lyckligare kan ingen vara Crew JarowskijStaffan Lindberg


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2022HTH-kitchenCustomer FenixfilmTobias Elvhage 
2020 K-byggStore manager Helgesson Moll
2019 Stockholm lanstrafik Football supporter Moviemall 
2018Absolut Grapefruit Dancing model 

Voice over

YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2020K-byggStore manager Helgesson Moll 

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