Vernon George Wells born 1945, is an Australian actor. He began appearing on Australian television shows in the mid-1970s, such as "Homicide", "Matlock Police" and "All the Rivers Run". He is best known to international audiences for his role of "Wez" in the 1981 science fiction action film "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" and "Bennett" in the military action film "Commando".

After "Mad Max 2", Wells began appearing in Hollywood films, such as science fiction comedies "Weird Science" (1985) and "Innerspace" (1987). In the 2000s, Wells acted in the television series "Power Rangers Time Force" portraying the series' main villain "Ransik".

Height: 185
Eyes: Blue
Hair color: salt and pepper
Shoe: 46
Neck: 43
Waist: 100
Jacket: 52
Pants: 32
Head: 57.8

Personal data

Age 78
Length 185.42 cm
Weight 104.326 kg
Hair color salt and peper
Clothing size 2x
Shoe size 33.02
Voice Barytone
Playing age 50-65 år
Eye Color Blue-Gray
Physique Tall-Big
Born in Australia
United States
Lives in United States
Work Visa for the United States

Vernon Wells CV


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
1994 2002: The Rape of Eden (Movie)Mercenary SoldierSam Auster
1994Manosaurus (Movie)Professor SorensonJimmy Williams
1994T-force (Movie)Samuel WashingtonRichard Pepin
1994Stranglehold (Movie)Gerarld Richter Cirio H. Santiagokm
1994Ultimatum (Movie)Gerard Richter Cirio H. Santiago
1992Fortress (Movie)MaddoxStuart Gordon
1992Sexual Response (TV-movie)Philip Yaky Yosha
1992The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys (TV-series) 1 episodeThe Shark GuyChuck Cirino
1992Circle of Fear (Movie)Allan Bainbridge Clark Henderson
1990Sheng zhan feng yun (Movie)Hannibal (as Vernon G. Wells)Ringo Lam
1990The Shrimp on The Barbie (Movie)BruceMichael Gottlieb (as Alan Smithee)
1990Crossing the LineSteve SinclairGary Graver
1990Circuitry Man (Movie)PlugheadSteven Lovy
1989Enemy Unseen (Movie)SteigerElmo de Witt
1989American Eagle (Movie)Johnny Burke Robert J. Smawley
1989Nam Angels (Movie)ChardCirio H. Santiago
1988La Partita (movie)First Brother PodestàCarlo Vanzina
1988T and T (TV-series) 1 episode NigelStan Olsen
1988Sunset (Movie)Australian Houseman Blake Edwards
1985-1988 What's Happening Now (TV-series)KincaidePhil Olsman
1985-1988MacGyver (TV-series) 2 episodesCatlin & Paul Donnay
1987Last Man StandingRoo Marcus (Lead)Damian Lee
1987Innerspace/ 24-timmarsjaktenMr. IgoeJoe Dante
1987P.I (Private Investigations)Detective NorthNigel Dick
1986Coming of ageChuck Proby (Donald) Brian Jones
1986 Knight Rider/Nattens Riddare (TV-series) 1 episodeWilsonRobert "Bob" Bralver
1986Hunter (TV-series)Sonny Zajak Robert "Bob" Bralver
1985The Fall Guy/Stuntmannen (TV-series)CroydenGeorge Fenady
1985Fortress (På liv och Död) MovieDabby DuckArch Nicholson
1985 Commando (Movie)BennetMark L. Lester
1985 Weird Science/Drömtjejen (movie)Lord GeneralJohn Hughes
1985The Fast Lane (TV-series)Man
1984Special Squad (TV-series)Role not listedDan Burstall
1979-1983Prisoner (TV-series) 2 episodesPoliceman & Sarge
1981The Road Warrior (movie) WezGeorge Miller
1978-1981Cop Shop (TV-series) 4 episodesMan in pub (uncredited), Warder, Heavy, Charlie Stunt
1979The SullivansCorporal
1976Power Without GloryReturning Officer Keith Wilkes
1974-1976Matlock Police (TV-series) 3 episodesTommy Neale / Brian Murphy / Chilla Armstrong
1975Homicide (TV-series) 2 episodesConst. Fred Mason & Mitchell
1975 Cash and Company (TV-series) 3 episodesTrooper, Trooper 6 & Trooper 9

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