The Swedish actor, Victor von Schirach-Szmigiel, was born 1984. He was just a few months old when he was adopted from Poland into a noble Swedish family, with Polish and German roots. The von Schirach's moved to the U.S. in 2002 when his father got an assignment as the Associate Dean for Penn State Executive Education.

After graduating from State College Area High School (P.A.) in 2003, and Bromma Gymnasium in 2004, Victor von Schirach, went to Khao Lak in Thailand to volunteer after the Tsunami. This major tragedy became a life changing experience. Now keenly aware of how short life can be, von Schirach decided to realize his childhood dream of becoming an actor. He enrolled in acting schools such as the Blekinge Läns Folkhögskola, Kulturama, Stockholms Teaterinstitut and later The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg ( otherwise known as the esteemed Teaterhögskolan i Göteborg.)

Victor von Schirach has acted with Chevy Chase, David Hasselhoff and has been featured in the Swedish film and television productions 'Irene Huss', 'Arne Dahl', 'Maria Lang', the BAFTA awarded Danish/Swedish TV-series 'The Bridge', two seasons of 'Elsas värld', 'Aerobics a Love Story', 'Viva Hate', 'Videomannen, 'Vår tid är nu', 'Black Lake', 'Enkelstöten', ''The Duckpond', 'Ture Sventon & Bermudatriangelns hemlighet', 'Maria Wern', 'Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå - Tågrånarens hemlighet', 'Fartblinda' (Blinded), 'Sjukt Oklar', and season 2 of 'Dips' as well as the German TV production of 'The inspector and the sea' and the British TV series 'The Mallorca files' for the BBC1.

Apart from his acting career, von Schirach is also a director and producer. He has the great potential of becoming a major figure on the global acting scene. His unique look, versatile talents, and international accents has created a buzz in Sweden already. He is an excellent actor known for his true character portraits, working with the Stanislawski method and improvisation to bring these characters to life. He says " A strongly built character makes a truly great actor. It isn't only about the character it is about whom could I become."

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Carla B. Guttmann & Ylva Cecilia Wærn

Personal data

Age 39
Length 184 cm
Hair color dark blonde
Clothing size 4-5xl
Shoe size 45
Voice Tenor
Playing age 25-43 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Heavy big


- Dialects (SE) - International English - Piano, impro piano, Grand Piano - Composing - Singer (Tenor) - Driving (also limited in stunts) - Cooking - Poetry, Short Stories - Impro Acting - Strong Character development - Directing - Producing (Creative)

Victor von Schirach


2002-2003State College Area High School, PA, U.S.A.Acting classes
2005-2006Teaterlinjen, Blekinge Folkhögskola1 year education in theatre/screen acting
2006-2007Kulturama1 year education in theatre/screen acting Advanced
2007-2008The Stockholm Institute of Theatre1 year education in theatre/screen acting Advanced
2009-2012Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, SwedenBachelor of Arts in Theatre with specialization in acting


ProductionCharacter/RoleProd. Company
I'm always with youDirectorGravity Film Society / Red Dot Production AB


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2004Breezeblock Park-Vår Teater, BrommaplanLisa Nilsson
2008HamletFortinbrasSpegelteaternDavid Wall
2009Valerie Jean Solanas blir president i Amerika Doctor Ruth CooperAcademy of Music and DramaPeter Melin
2010Shout Across the river Warhouse Croydon ChristianAcademy of Music and DramaAnne-Lie Hedin
2011En uppstoppad hundPer-Erik, MarcelAcademy of Music and DramaCarl Kjellgren
2012Noir et BlancCharlottaAcademy of Music and Drama + Unga KlaraVictor von Schirach + (Regiöga: Per Nordin, Peter Melin och Reza Parza)
2012EnronRamsey & HewittÖstgötateaternHilmar Jónsson
2013Den Naturgivna OrdningenBabyTeater GiljotinMattias Knave
2014Ett Uppror! - The Transgender VersionClaireUnga Tur + Stockholms Stadsteater + Göteborgs Stadsteater och Göteborgs StadsteaterAleksa Lundberg
20141800-talsveckan på Tore KällbergetNilsTorekällbergetHans Qviström
2017INSTANT PLAYHOUSETimTeater PlayhouseSimon Kajser


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2007Hjälp! (with Chevy Chase)Dan Carter's AssistantJarowskij ABAnders Nilsson, Gustaf Skördemn
2008Puss7-eleven expeditSt Paul Film ABJohan Kling
2010Sista DagenGregerAnagram Produktion ABAlexander Karim
2010Arne Dahl - Ont BlodTommy NybergFilmlance International ABMani Masserat
2011Irene Huss II - En man med litet ansikteStefan SandbergIllusion Film ABEmiliano Goessens
2011Elsas Värld (MAIN / TV-Series whole season one)JohanTre vänner ABFrans Wiklund
2012Fuck Fair Play (short)TomasOmanovic ProduktionAdi & Mak Omanovic
2012Maria Lang - Crimes of Passion - Lily of the Valley (TV-Movie)Kalle Pampas ProduktionChristian Eklöw & Christopher Panov
2012Porsche (short) VictorGöta Film ABNicolas Kolovos
2012Aerobics - a love Story (feature)JanneFamily Planning ABAnders Rune
2012Huldra (Pilot)Ove ValeskogTribesbider Film ABOve Valeskog
2012-2013Bron | The Bridge, (TV-Series S2)ThomasFilmlance ABMorten Arnfred
2013Elsas Värld (MAIN / TV-Series whole season two)JohanTre Vänner ABManuel Concha & Frans Wiklund
2013Huldra (feature)AdamTribespider Film ABOve Valeskog
2013Slaktarens Vals | The butcher's Walz (short)AddeEyefeed ABAnna Zackrisson
2013Operation Ragnarök | Zon 261 (feature)WHO-Konsult | Löjtnad Kruthuset ABFredrik Hiller
2014Hasselhoff - A swedish talkshowMax, the soundguyNexiko MediaMartin Huss
2014Viva Hate (TV-Series)JönssonAnagramJens Lien
2014Brevfilmen, SVT (TV-Series)Daniel, Mats & BennyNexiko MediaMartin Huss
2014Socialstyrelsen ADHD (short)TeatcherHoudini ABJohan Eckerström
2015Very Short Cuts (short)CollegaueBad CatFrida Spång
2015Sleepwalker (Pilot for a feature)Word SmithBilly TengradiBilly Tengradi
2015Memories of a Lake (short)British News AnchorBody Farm ProductionsArnd Kosmack
2016MidnattssolBritish Journalist Nice DramaMåns Mårlind & Björn Stein
2016I Kungens skugga (Pilot for a tv-series))Claes Fredric Horn af ÅminneSnö FilmCarolinne Lidén
2016Vår tid är nu (TV-Series)Kamrer NilssonJarowskij ABHarald Hamrell
2016Svartsjön | Black Lake, (TV-Series, S1, All episodes)Säsong 1 (TV3 & BBC)OswaldJarowskij AB Black Lake (TV3 & BBC) Oswald Jarowskij AB David Berron & Jonathan Sjöberg
2016Ankdammen | The Duckpond (Feature)BirgerChirano ABRobert Andersson
2016Stopp!Kontors NisseNaiveRobin Jonsson
2016Videomannen (Feature)Oskar med KWorld of FilmKristian A Söderström
2017Enkelstöten, (TV-Series S1, all episodes) 1 (TV4)OlleJarowskij ABFelix Herngren & Emma Bucht
2017Kommisareien & Havet | The Inspector and the Sea (TV-Series)WiggoNetwork Movie, HamburgTomas Roth
2017En vetrenär för mycket*NazistenBright PicturesMichael Nyqvist
2017Blod Tvätt & Dårar (Pilot for a tv-series))JerryStorstad Medieproduktion ABMax Landergård
2017AlliansenSvenStockholms Dramatiska HögskolaJonatan Etzler / Priducent: Isaax Inger
2018Fartblinda (TV-Series)Robin Lesse (a german brit)Jarowskij ABJohan Hertz, Jens Jonsson
2018Tre stegs programmetBrukareLjung & Sjöberg-
2019Brottsplats Mallorca | The Mallorca Files (BBC) (TV-Series S1Ep10)Jens SchmidtCosmopolitan Pictures Distributor + British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)Bryn Higgins
2019Maria WernTommy LarssonWarner BrosLisa Ohlin
2019Ture Sventon - Bermudatriangelns hemlighetLärarenNordisk Film AB / Banjay Group Stefan Roos | Per Simonsson
2019Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå - Tågrånarens hemlighetLokförarenSF StudiosMoa Gammel Ginsburg
2020DipsSäpoAllvarliga Produktioner StockholmMarie Agerhäll
2020Sjukt Oklaramerikansk-svensk trafiklärareSplay OneAndreas Lindegård

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