Ville Mellword is a Swedish actor. He is truly passionate about the art and craft of acting, and has training, education and experience in the craft. He is committed, positive and hard working. Ville has studied acting and honed his skills at several courses and workshops, and has deepened his craft by learning from both film acting, method acting and Meisner technique. He has also taken a bit of training in character/physical acting to complement and further deepen his dramatic ability. Ville has, among several other acting teachers and coaches, worked with amazing teachers at Cinematrix, like Helena Karlsson and Lukas Loughran, as well as with established casting directors.

Ville is cooperative, always comes prepared, and he is intuitive as an actor. He creates a deep connection to his character, and is easy to direct. He has a strong connection to his emotions. Ville’s desire is to give all of himself to the director's vision and to the story. He is driven by the desire to express, to be a part of great stories, and hopefully move people that way.

Ever since Ville could put his finger on his inner calling he knows acting is what he’s gonna be doing. He is always looking for new experiences and new skills to learn, and is working with a strong passion — driven and inspired. He is continuously taking training, studying and attending courses to develop his craft.

Personal data

Age 19
Length 165 cm
Hair color Blonde
Clothing size s
Shoe size 41
Playing age 15-22 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Athletic Thin
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden




Acting: Film & Theatre
Driving license: B

Ville Mellword


2024Lisa LynnWebinar Workshop in Creating & Developing Characters
2024Sara TörnkvistWorkshop in Acting for Film & Screen Testing
2024Elin Hilläng StudiosWorkshop in Meisner Technique
2023CinemantrixAdvanced Class in Acting for Film
2023CinemantrixSummer Course in Acting for Film


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2023Figaros WeddingDon CurzioTeater SörmlandAnette Cadiz


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2023Case 13 (Short film)Detective Winston LeeStudent FilmLudvig Sternberg

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