Ylva is trained in theater and acting for film. She was born in Stockholm into a musical family and she attended a music conservatory for seven years; studying vocals, theater, dance and the piano. Ylva, was also an avid tennis player and ranked nr. 7 in the nation as a junior. When time allowed, she also did some horseback riding.

Ylva went to high school in Indiana, studying drama and continued studying theatre in Stockholm, Sweden for a year. She returned to the US for college and graduated from USF (summa cum laude) in Tampa, Florida. Ylva initially worked as a TV- host and reporter for The CW44 and Brighthouse Networks among others. In 2008 she returned once again to Sweden where she pursued a career as an actress in film and television. Alongside portraying characters for Swedish film, TV and in commercials, she also studied method acting (with Lukas Loughran) and acting for film (Cinemantrix) as well as taking continuous classes in the Stanisavki's technique (with Anna Belle Rice.)

Since 2017, Ylva has split her time between Los Angeles and Stockholm. She has, since her move to LA shot more than 25 film projects and she is an active member of Bobby Moresco's The Actor's Gym. She is also very passionate about comedy (trained at The Upright Citizen's Brigade) and in 2019, she wrote and directed her first film, "Mousskakan" (The Mousse Cake) which is a rom-com short film that premiered on Youtube in May, 2020.

She is currently booked for one feature film and one short film project to begin shooting in 2021.

Personal data

Age 47
Length 168 cm
Weight 54 kg
Hair color Brown
Clothing size Small
Shoe size 38
Voice Alto
Playing age 37-48 år
Eye Color Green
Physique Lean but athletic

Film and Television


Actor’s Gym, Bobby MorescoScene study
Soho House Actor’s Group, Deobia OpareiScene study
Don Fanelli/Todd Fasen, UCBImprov
Lukas Loughran, Cinemantrix Film and Acting StudioMethod Acting
Jonas Larsson, Cinemantrix Film and Acting StudioActing for Film and TV
Anna Belle Rice, FolkuniversitetetMonologue technique
Anna Belle Rice, FolkuniversitetetDialogue technique
Svante Engblom, Stockholm’s FolkhögskolaTheater and Music Program
James Murray, The Actor’s CompanyVoice Over – Commercial


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
The Desert Project LeadIlya Tank Shilov
The French CowboyLeadPhillip Lawrence Durand
Under The Red Light LeadQuinn George
2018Dead not Dead, Dead (Short)Doris (Lead)Yuanyuan Xu
Barriers LeadBader Al Shouaib
2020The Mousse Cake (Moussekakan) (Short)Jossan (Lead)Gravity Film/Pro Nordic
Franklin StreetLeadPerez/Weaver
Christmas Tree Supportive Emir Kumova
2018 A Life Passed (short)Annika (Supportive) Roland Greedy
For Whom the Fax Beeps Supportive Stuart Bertman
Life Coaches & Rock Stars (in production)Guest Star McFadden Productions
ValleyJunk TVGuest Star ValleyJunk TV Productions
Hannibull World (in production)Series Regular Facelit Communications
The Way We WereGuest StarDragon Television/Beijing Television
Missing Times Ep. 102: Poker FaceGuest StarInvestigation Discovery/Karga Seven
Justice For All Season 7 – Ep. Priceless PawnGuest StarKCAL /Entertainment Studios TV
People Magazine Investigates – Ep.7 Gone GirlsGuest StarInvestigation Discovery/Radley Studios/Finch Productions

Voice over

YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
Electosoft – infomerciaLeadOnlinevoices 
Apple TVLeadApple/Lime 
Weekli LeadOnlinevoices 
Maitress AppLeadUnderton Productions 
Audio Book - The Wilful Princess LeadGramma Production 

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