Malin Carlsson Ståbi is a Swedish actress in Film, TV and Theater.

She has been on tours all over Sweden with the Theater Ung Utan Pung. In the plays she is portraying a lot of different characters and singing and dancing is included in her performances.
In TV and Film she has done both comedy and drama and she has a wide rage of emotional expressions.

Right now she studies Acting for the Screen at Stockholm University of the Arts and she has a supporting part i the upcoming feature film Shadow Island, it's expected in 2023.

Personal data

Age 30
Length 164 cm
Weight 51 kg
Hair color Dark Blonde
Clothing size S
Shoe size 38
Voice Mezzosopran
Playing age 20-35 år
Eye Color Blue
Physique Thin



Malin Carlsson Ståbi


2023Stockholm University of the ArtsActing for the Screen
2014-2015Calle Flygare Theater SchoolActing Program
2016ImprovisationsstudionImprov Musical Course
2008-2013Calle Flygare Theater SchoolActing Youth Course
2005-2008Vår Teater, KulturskolanActing Youth Course


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2020-2021Chilla eller TjallaMalinUng Utan PungJohan Sundberg
2018-2020Puss och SnuskMalinUng Utan PungJohan Sundberg
2019-2020Varför så Extrem?NikkiUng Utan PungBill Sundberg
2019-2021Hjärta migMalinUng Utan PungJohan Sundberg
2015VERKETSaraCalle Flygare Theater School / TeaterverketStina Rautelin
2013Robin HoodMarionCalle Flygare Theater SchoolMichael Perlitz


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2019GetmannenTessBechamel FilmDaniel Niklasson
2023Shadow Island JosefineStormax Film / Myrsky FilmJohan Storm
2019På GläntJuliaCanelake FilmsJohan Stavsjö
2019MonopolJasmineBechamel FilmYasser Radhi
2018Sanningen gör ontBanktjejDada Bozela
2018MidsommarMinnaRunda Bordet FilmJulia Boström
2017KorridorenJenniferBjocar FilmHampus Björnsson & Fredrik Carlsson
2016A bag full of moneyAlexKaffefilmerAnton Grandelius
201215 - Han var otrogenEllenSVTJonas Meyer


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2017MER - Ärlighet varar längstGirlHobby Film

Voice over

YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector 
2021Alla Tiders SagorMidsommar och missförståndGabriel Holmberg & Julius Fleischlanderl 
2021Alla Tiders SagorEn Herrelös HundGabriel Holmberg & Julius Fleischlanderl 

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