Certified instructor for AVID MEDIA COMPOSER, Certified ACI for ADOBE PREMIERE and certified FCPX 10.4 Pro Trainer.

Måns Ahlin is born 1972 in Lund, Sweden. After completing senior high school he studied theater and later on film production at Linköpings University. From 2001 to 2015 he worked as a screenwriter for children theater and as a scenario writer for LARPs. Today Måns Ahlin works as a film and media educator at Be-licensed (authorized training partner for Adobe, Apple, BlackMagicDesign, Avid and Unity) and as a Avid composer instrcutor at Sundbybergs vocational universitys postproduction education and at Gameby Film and Television education.

Måns Ahlin is running a production company - Runda Bordet Film AB (The round table Ltd.). Runda Bordet Film AB is a production company in Norrköping, Sweden, that mainly focus on narrative films. There Måns works as the DoP and cinematographer but sometimes he step into the shoes of being a producer. As often as he can he write stories - Amazing stories! His biggest dream is to turn one of those stories into a feature film.

Age 50
Born in Sweden
Lives in Sweden


SwedishNativeVery GoodSkånska, Östgötska


Driver licence B
Arial Drone license A1
Sailing (förarintyg) vessels up to 11,9 meters
AVID Media Composer Certified instructor
AVIDmedia composer certified user
FCPX certified proffesional
FPCX certified trainer
Adobe certified instructor - Video editing solutions

Måns Ahlin - cinematographer, producer, filmcreator


1987-1989Olympiaskolan HelsingborgTheater
1991-1993Tomelilla FHSKInternational relations
1994Stockholm universityArcheology
1994-1995Linköpings universitetScandinavian History & economic history
1996-1997Linköpings universitetArt history
1999-2000Linköpings universitetTheater and filmproduction (Tvär medial gestaltning och teknik)
2007Marieborgs FolkhögskolaScreenwriting (Jesper Harrie as main teacher)
2011Örebro högskolaMicrophone technique and soundengineering
2011Film & Stagefigters sweden2 weeks training in the following - rapier, quarterstaff, unarmed combat, body burn,low fall, high fall (from 4m) and basic coreography
2015Film i ÖstScreenwriting (Harald Stierne as main teacher)
2016Film i Öst, RegionförbundetFilmproduction (China Åhlander as main teacher)
2017Film i ÖstDocumentary film production
2019Film i öst, film i skåne, Film i mälardalen, SFIArchipelago scriptlab (Soni Jorgenssen as main teacher)
2019Final Cut Pro 10.4 Proffesional Apple, Learnquest
2021Adobe Certified Instructor for CC video Editing SolutionsAdobe
2022AVID media Composer InstructorAVID


YearProductionCharacter/RoleProd. CompanyDirector
2007När Föräldrar Sover (novel-film)Screenwriting, DirectorFilm and Stagefighters sweden, Röda KorsetMåns Ahlin
2009Manhunt (shortfilm)Writer, director, camera, editorMy selfMåns Ahlin
2009Att bli Stor (Documentary)Director, editorNorrköpings Stadsmuseum, Statens KulturrådMåns Ahlin
2012Lenny Lump (Shortfilm)Actor (lead)EffektfabrikenPelle Von Koch
2013The way home (documentary)ProducerCnema, EPYWSimon Mortenssen
2015Evy (shortfilm)ProducerLevinEmil Levin
2015Bunkern (mini-Tv-Serie)Producer, CinematographyFilmproduktioner & ImpulsMåns Ahlin
2016Drömmen om det Nya Landet (shortfilm)ProducerCnema, SFIMohammad Jafari
2016The Inner Struggle (feature)Director, EditorUTSSMåns Ahlin
2016Jag Älskar dig (shortfilm)CinematographyJohan Wåhlin
2016Jimmy & Apan (shortfilm)ProducerRunda Bordet Film Måns Ahlin
2017Freyas Journey (Pilot)VFX supervisorHammarström agency
2017No Filter (shortfilm)Producer, DirectorRunda Bordet FilmMåns Ahlin
2017Looking for Love (shortfilm)ProducerCnema, SFI
2018Den Blomstertid nu kommer (feature)Swedish minister (actor)Crazy PicturesViktor Danell
2018Med hälsning till (shortfilm)ProducerCnema
2018Breven (shortfilm)ProducerRN media och ScenRobert Nilsson
2018Crying in the dark (shortfilm)ProducerRunda Bordet FilmJohan Wåhlin
2018Kärleksbitter (shortfilm)ProducerSkruvad FilmRobin Flemgård
2018Breven (shortfilm)Executive producerRunda Bordet FilmRobert Nilsson
2019För en annan (shortfilm)ProducerRN media och scenRobert Nilsson
2019Inga Lindström (TV-series)SADBavaria
2019Midsommar (shortfilm)SoundtechnicianRunda Bordet FilmJulia Boström
2019My Demons (shortfilm)Cinematography, sound coordinatorIt´s productionAmanda Carselind
2019Protea (shortfilm)ProducerSkruvad FilmJessica Gomez Morales
2019Vykort från Åre (shortfilm)Script, director, camera, editorMy selfMåns Ahlin
2019The Elf Queen - Birth of a warrior (shortfilm)Graphic ArtSprouting picturesArantxa Hurtado
2019Moa Martinsson - Landsmodern (feature)DoP, camera operator for the scenes with Harry MartinssonWechselman mediaMaj Wechselmann
2020Andra Stenen (feature)Boom operatorStrannerklint mediaKenneth Strannerklint
2020Ödesväv (pilot)CinemtographyRunda Bordet FilmJohan Wåhlin
2020Kalla mig typ Ett (shortfilm)Producer, CinematographyRunda Bordet Film Lukas Ahlin
2020Atomen i Mänsklighetens tjänst (documentary)Drone PilotWechselman mediaMaj Wechselman
2020Kata Dahström (feature)Co-Producer, cinematography Wechselmann mediaMaj Wechselmann
2021Dövstumma Klara (shortfilm)SoundtechnicianChopp Event, Gravity Film Victor Von Schirach
2021ChekhovX16 (monodrama)Cameraoperator/EditorMB FHSKCarl Eric Reidler
2021S.U.P.E.R (shortfilm)soundtechnicianIts ProductionThorbjörn Eklund
2022Fläckar av Blod och Gräs (shortfilm)Producer, DoPRunda Bordet Film ABRobin Pajus
2022Before Departure (shortfilm)DoPRN scen och film, FilmoasenRobert Nilsson
2022Trångt Baksäte (shortfilm)DoP, VFX artistRunda Bordet Film ABSandra Tengvall
2022New Beginning BTS cameraHammarstrom agency
2022Okänt Ursprung (pilot)CameraoperatorStranneklint Media ABKennet Strannerklint
2022Remembrance (shortfilm)Producer, DoP, editorRunda Bordet Film ABThorbjörn Eklund
2022Glitch (pilot)DoPRunda Bordet Film ABRobert Melo
2022Minna (short)DoP, coordinatorÅsa HusénÅsa Husén
2022Glashuset (pre production)DoPRunda Bordet Film ABMåns Ahlin


YearPositionMissionProd. Company
2001-2013Norrköpings school of fine artsArt and Filmteacher
2014-2019Marieborgs FolkhögskolaFilmteacher
2010-2021Mediacenter CnemaFilmtecher
2018-currentBe-LicensedInstructor AVID media composer, FCPX, Premiere Pro
2020-currentSunbybergs postproduktionsutbildningEditing teacher
2022-currentGamleby Film och TV utbildningAvid instructor

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